The Big Check In

Between Monday 7 September and Wednesday 9 September colleagues from teams across settle will be phoning and visiting residents, as part of our commitment to keep hearing your feedback about the services we provide and what we can get better at.

This year through the big check in, settle colleagues will be asking how you feel about your neighbourhoods and anything we could do differently as part of our response to coronavirus.

Colleagues will only be visiting residents who have previously been contacted to check they’re happy to be visited. Colleagues will wear face coverings, remain outside homes and follow social distancing guidance.

Our big check in is one of the ways we hear from you, along with regular surveys and other ways to give us your feedback 

We’ll get feedback annually from residents in this way. Improvements we made after our big door knock last year include reducing the waiting time for repairs and increasing investment in communal areas.

*Please note the above picture was taken during our big door knock last year.

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