The Big Check in

Between Monday 18 and Friday 29 January, settle colleagues will again be phoning a number of residents to ask about their welfare at this time and whether they need any additional support, along with gathering feedback about the services we provide and what we can get better at.

This follows positive feedback on our Big Check In last September, and previously on our Big Door Knock, recognising that these are important ways for colleagues in all teams across settle to hear directly from our residents.

settle chief executive Gavin Cansfield commented: “The big check in is a great opportunity for us to speak to our customers and understand the difference we are making, and present opportunities for us to improve. The last year has been really difficult for everyone and we want our residents to know that we are here for them and that they can reach out to us if they require additional support.”

The feedback we received during our September check in has shaped how we continue to provide support to residents in response to COVID-19, and influenced a wider project looking at how we best support residents and invest in each neighbourhood. We will continue to carry out our Big Check In every three months.

Listening to you

We hear from residents in many ways, and our commitment is that we will always listen to what we hear and act on this.  

The Big Check In is one of the ways we do this, along with regular surveys and other ways to give us your feedback .