Fire safety

There have been a lot of conversations around fire safety in the media recently and we wanted to reassure you that our priority as a landlord will always be to keep residents’ homes safe. We fulfil all regulatory responsibilities, and often do more than we are legally required to do, reflecting the importance we place on this.

Some of the media coverage recently has referred to cladding on blocks of flats. None of our buildings or blocks have any of the materials that the government has identified as dangerous.

We regularly carry out gas, electrical and fire safety checks on all our properties. We have 100% safety certificates in place for all properties. The fire safety checks we carry out in our blocks of flats include checking electrics, boilers and fire alarms.

Each block of flats also has its own fire safety procedure, and we recommend that you make sure you’re familiar with this. Building evacuation advice for your block will be displayed on a public noticeboard. You can also see your fire evacuation procedure on our website. If you have any questions about the fire evacuation procedure or fire safety in general for your building, please contact us.

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