Proposed redevelopment of homes in Letchworth

Colleagues from settle contacted residents at Campfield Way and Highover Road in Letchworth Garden City on 17 June about the proposed redevelopment and investment in building new homes on the site of the existing properties.

The properties, often referred to as Hawksley bungalows after designer AW Hawksley – are prefabricated, timber-framed, aluminium clad bungalows that were built in the late 1940s with a predicted lifespan of 60 years.

Due to their age and structure – the buildings now face challenges, including poor thermal insulation, high energy costs, poor sound insulation between rooms and a smaller total space than modern building standards would require.

Investing in homes

Government legislation requires landlords like settle to ensure that all homes for which they are responsible achieve an energy performance rating of Band C or higher by 2030, and that all properties are carbon neutral by 2050.

To bring these properties in line with government requirements, would involve several considerations, including invasive work to their structure. With the amount of disruption involved that would still not deliver homes that meet carbon neutral requirements, as a financially responsible social housing provider settle are proposing the best option would be to invest in developing new homes on the site of the existing properties.

Penny Metcalf, executive director of development at settle, said: “As a responsible landlord, we have a clear commitment to invest in sustainable homes and neighbourhoods to ensure all residents can live comfortably in their homes.

“This is the first stage in a long process, which will involve consultation with residents and owner occupiers to help us shape the detail of any redevelopment. We want to ensure any future development will meet all modern safety, energy and space standards.

“Our priorities will include working with the residents to create a neighbourhood that is good to live in and an environment that positively enhances the conservation area.”

A dedicated team of colleagues at settle are working with residents, to ensure all the occupiers are provided with a home that matches their housing requirements.

Further updates will be included on settle’s website:

If you have any queries or would like more information about the proposed development, you can contact us through the dedicated email address:



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