Your views on the government’s draft tenant satisfaction measures

In our last services update in March, we asked you to share your views on the tenant satisfaction measures being proposed by government. These proposals make clear the standards that every resident is entitled to expect from their landlords.

They are intended to ensure that people feel safe and secure in their homes, can get problems fixed, and see exactly how good their landlord is at dealing with complaints.

Thanks to everyone who took part. We received around 440 responses and we’ll include your feedback in our response to the government’s consultation. 

The suggestions and points you raised are so important that we’ll also share your anonymous feedback across the housing sector so we can all learn from these findings.

You said – what we’ll do
You said   What we’ll do 

Reporting on building safety through gas and electrical checks is your priority.

We have a 100% completion record. We report this in our customer annual report and will now let you know how we’re doing on this regularly in the services updates

Your overall satisfaction with our work is more important to you than traditional housing performance measures.

For example, satisfaction with how a repair has been completed is more important to you than the number of repairs we completed.

You also suggested that our current measures of how much effort it took you to get something done or how much trust you have in us – may no longer be useful benchmarks.

Our Board oversees our work and we need to demonstrate that we’re correctly identifying and addressing our residents’ needs. We’ll present to the Board the different ways we can measure and report overall resident satisfaction to better match your feedback.

The condition and management of your neighbourhood is important to you. 

Specifically, your satisfaction with cleaning of communal areas, fly-tipping and ground maintenance.

We’ve increased our cleaning and maintenance schedules and will try to respond to fly-tipping reports within 48 hours although the type of fly-tipping and location may mean we need to take additional steps before removing it.


We’ll look at how we can provide up-to-date information about each of our neighbourhoods.

How our colleagues and contractors behave when delivering services affect how you feel about us.

All colleagues want to achieve the best outcome for our residents.


We’re creating ‘the settle way’ behaviour framework to make sure all colleagues have the same understanding about how we should.


Listening to you

We always welcome your feedback to improve the ways we work. You can give us feedback or make a complaint at any time on our website or call us on 0330 343 0016. You can still share your views through the survery which will remain open until mid-August – take part here. 

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