Feedback from our July Big Check In

At the time of sending this update, our July Big Check In is taking place. Colleagues from teams across settle spoke to residents in areas across Hitchin and Letchworth through to face-to-face visits during the week of 5 – 9 July. Colleagues will also be speaking to residents by phone, with calls being made until the end of July.

Through this Big Check In we are looking to understand why residents don’t always contact us to tell us how they really feel, as well as understanding what their experiences are when getting in touch with us.

We are hearing how residents value being contacted in this way.  We can already see some themes from the feedback we have received, particularly around:

  • The time it takes us with handling queries – a sense that we get there eventually, but the feedback being we sometimes just take too long.
  • We’re also hearing again around planned investment in homes and emphasis on the importance of our communications around this, being clear when works will take place in individual homes.

We will review all of the feedback we have received at the end of July and provide more details on our website and in our next update about the themes we are hearing and what we will do.

The feedback we are receiving is extremely important to us. There are clearly some things we need to get better at – our commitment is that we will do so. There are actions we will take forwards for individual residents as a result of the conversations we have had during the Big Check In, and there are things we will work on to better support all residents.

If you have any feedback about the services we provide or want to see something changed please get in touch at any time –  or call us on 0330 343 0016


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