Getting all our homes to Decent Standard

Our first priority at settle is to provide homes that are safe and comfortable for residents to live in.

One of the ways we measure how well we are doing this is through the number of our homes that meet what is called the Decent Homes Standard. This is set by the government and includes requirements on landlords like settle to invest in parts of each home to ensure they remain at a decent standard. For example, to meet the decent homes standard we would expect to replace the kitchen in each home around every 20 years and the bathroom approximately every 30 years.

Currently, 90.7% of our homes meet the decent homes standard. This is lower than where we want to be, partly due to the safety measures we introduced during the coronavirus pandemic, which limited the number of people going into each home to help keep colleagues and residents safe.

We are now restarting this work to replace items in homes. You can see our plan to invest £94million in this over the next 9 years here. Our first target is that 100% of our homes will meet the decent homes standard by March 2022; we have plans in place now to meet this and the table below shows how we will get there. 

In the below linked table, you can see the number of homes that will have each type of item replaced – some homes will need to have more than one thing replaced or updated.

Table showing the number of homes and replacement items [PDF]

We know that this investment in homes is really important to residents. We’ll continue to get in touch directly with customers about work to individual homes and provide information through our services update on how we’re doing towards meeting our overall target.

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