Keeping residents safe

We’ve included details in our customer annual report and wanted to highlight them now, to keep you updated on how we work to keep all residents safe. We continue to fulfil our regulatory responsibilities to provide landlord health and safety services to ensure our homes are safe and secure and often do more than we are legally required to do, reflecting how important this is to us.

We regularly carry out gas, electrical and fire safety checks on all our properties. We continue to have 100% safety certificates in place for all properties, as we did during 2020/21.

We rely on residents who allow us into your homes to complete the important safety checks we need to carry out and would like to thank you for supporting us with this during the past year.

Fire safety

A qualified fire risk assessor carries out a detailed inspection in each block of flats we own, at least every three years, with our staff also regularly checking communal spaces and working with residents to keep these areas safe. You can see the evacuation procedure for all our blocks of flats on the fire evacuation procedures page.

We also work with Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue who visit homes to give advice on staying safe and well. Customers don’t need landlord permission for these visits. You can arrange these visits by contacting your local fire and rescue service. If you have any questions about the fire evacuation procedure or fire safety in general for your building, please contact us.

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