How we are providing services to homeowners at this time

Two settle vans

Our teams are working hard to deliver all services to ensure residents are comfortable in your homes and neighbourhoods.

Please continue to contact us if there is any support we can provide to help you live comfortably in your home, letting us know as much as you can about your personal circumstances and we will do our best to help as quickly as we are able to.

If you need to report an emergency repair, please call us immediately. If it’s not an emergency you can report it through our website.

Customer Services Centre

Recently it has taken us longer than we would like to answer calls and respond to emails. We have plans in place to improve on this, as part of which we have recently welcomed new colleagues into the Customer Services Team. We’re prioritising their training on repairs as we know that’s why most customers contact us. We now also have Charlie Barron, a very experienced leader in place and we will further recruit to the team over the coming months.

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