Our complaint handling process is here to support you

As your landlord, it’s our job to make it very clear how residents can raise a complaint if you are unhappy with any of the services we deliver.

We will always listen to any concerns raised by residents and respond to complaints effectively and fairly. You can make a complaint to us  or call us on 0330 343 0016 and our settle colleagues will help you. We will always try to resolve any issues first time, but we understand there may be occasions where you wish to make a formal complaint.

If you’re not happy with the outcome from complaints we have reviewed in line with our procedure, you can submit your complaint to the Housing Ombudsman Service.

From 1 April this year changes have been made to strengthen the Ombudsman’s complaints handling code to ensure a positive complaint handling culture by all landlords.

We will carry out a self-assessment of our complaints handling procedure against the new code which we will consult with residents on between now and the summer months. An update on those changes will be included in the summer services newsletter. If you would like to share your views and be involved, please send an email to our engagement team expressing your interest and one of the team will be in touch.

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