Update from the summer big door knock

In July colleagues from teams across settle visited 385 homes across retirement living schemes and spoke with 164 residents as part of our Big Door Knock. We’d like to thank all the residents who shared their feedback about our services.

Questions we asked helped us to understand how we’re doing with a focus on overall satisfaction,

whether we get the basics right and how residents feel about the safety and quality of their home and neighbourhood.

Satisfaction Rate

  • 70% of customers are satisfied overall
  • 73% are satisfied that we get the basics right when it comes to repairs, customer service and when things go wrong
  • 85% feel happy about the quality of their home
  • 86% feel that their home is safe
  • 82% feel satisfied in their neighbourhood
  • 73% feel that as a landlord, we care about residents.

Resident feedback

We received some positive feedback, but we also heard we could do better in some areas. This includes being more consistent around the general maintenance and upkeep of indoor and outdoor communal spaces.

Some members from our executive team who took part in the summer Big Door Knock spoke with residents about these issues and have ensured improvement works are in place to put things right as a result of what they heard.

Other residents mentioned they were waiting for a follow-up on reported repairs which were all sent directly to the teams responsible to action.

Our visits as part of this Big Door Knock remind us of the importance of good query handling as part of overallcustomer satisfaction making sure issues are sorted quickly along with regular check-ins from Retirement Living Officers.

You can continue to share your views on our services – tell us what we could do better and when we’ve done something well or make a complaint at any time.

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