How we collect feedback

How we collect feedback

Feedback and data about what you ask us to do and how you feel about how we do it, play a key role in how we choose improvements. To see a list of the improvements we’ve made recently as a result of your feedback, visit you said, we did page.

We collect feedback in several ways and sometimes we use other companies to carry out surveys or conduct research for us. In all cases, we make sure we protect your data.

Join our resident engagement panel

Are you passionate about social housing? Do you want to help make settle a really great landlord?

We believe all residents should be able to contribute ideas and feel comfortable challenging how we deliver services in your homes and neighbourhoods.

You can be part of improving these services by joining our resident engagement panel. We’ll have a range of topics for you to share your views on and different ways for you to do this – from emails to meetings and discussion groups, opportunities that take a few minutes or some that might take a bit more of your time. Whether you have a few minutes or longer your involvement – virtually or in person – will be really valued.

We’d love to hear from you

Please fill in our short form or call us to let us know you’d like to get involved. Please tell us what interests you, and a colleague from our engagement team will be in touch to let you know more.

To show our appreciation for the time you spend with us, we’ll offer shopping vouchers that can be spent at retailers such as Iceland and Argos.

Even if this isn’t for you, please get in touch at any time and share your suggestions or ideas for how we can improve the services we provide. Our commitment is that we will always listen, learn and act on the feedback we hear.

Satisfaction and perception surveys

Whenever you contact us, you might receive a follow up text from our partners, CX Feedback to ask how satisfied you were with our service. Replies to a text survey are charged at your standard network rate.

Every now and again you might receive survey, to ask how you think we’re doing in general. We work with the Institute of Customer Services to compare our customer service standards with other leading organisations across the UK. Customers are invited at random to take part in this survey and all responses are anonymous.


If you’re not happy about something, please tell us. We need this feedback to help us get it right next time.

We use information from complaints to identify trends and make improvements to our services.

The Big Door Knock

We’re listening to our customers in a number of ways. As well as the usual surveys you’d expect us to do, we’ve also created our own initiative ‘The Big Door Knock’.

Every three months, all colleagues, including our Chair and executive team, personally get in touch with residents for a relaxed and quick catch-up on what they think of our services.

It also gives us a chance to walk around and see the neighbourhood from our residents’ viewpoint.

Once we have your feedback, we take a good look at what we’ve seen and heard, then take any actions we need to address the issues you raise.

We report back to our residents in our Customer Annual Reports which can be found on our publications page; on our You said, we did page and in the quarterly services update we started sending to residents in 2020.

We also post news articles about our Big Door Knock here on our website.

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Note: During coronavirus, we supplemented our Big Door Knock with Big Check In phonecalls.

We’re listening

You don’t have to wait for a Big Door Knock to let us know what you think.

You can make a complaint, tell us what we could do better or tell us when we’ve done something well at any time.

And if you need to report a repair or have any kind of wellbeing worry, always contact us as soon as you can.

How we choose improvements

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