Cost of Living – Additional support

Support from settle webpage

We know that some residents are struggling to pay their bills at this time, including heating and food costs. If you would like information on how to access help with your energy costs and other essential items please let us know.

We work with partners, including Citizens Advice, and there are ways we can help which you can find on our cost of living page.

If you don’t have access to our website and would like to talk to us about getting support, please call us on 0330 343 0016 and one of our team can help.

settle comfort fund

The settle comfort fund can help if you are in financial need and can provide support to help residents when they are experiencing financial difficulties.

Following an eligibility assessment, residents can receive support to make a one-off purchase such as washing machines, freezers, or to receive one-off support with energy costs.

settle purchases the items on behalf of residents as we do not issue cash awards or deposit money into customers’ bank accounts. More information can be found on the settle comfort fund page.

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