The settle comfort fund

The settle comfort fund

We understand that for some of our customers, the cost of living crisis is causing financial emergencies where they can’t afford the basic necessities. We want to help.

Emergency payments

If it’s an emergency and you need to pay for things like food, heating or electricity, we can provide vouchers or payments.

Essential items

These are one-off purchases for things like:

  • Washing machines, fridges/freezers, cookers etc
  • Clothing and school uniforms
  • Heating and electric bills and energy debt
  • Essential household items like a sofa, a bed, bedding, cooking utensils etc

If your application is approved, we’ll purchase the item and arrange delivery.

Conditions +

  • You must be over 18 and a settle customer. This includes those who rent their home from us and those who own their home (leaseholders)
  • You must have less than £300 in your bank account (or between you if you’re a joint tenant)
  • Each customer can receive a maximum of 3 emergency payments in a year and these must be three or more months apart.
  • Only one application can be made. If approved, you can’t apply for another item in the same financial year (April-March). If your application is successful you’ll be gifted with a basic model of the item requested
  • Before applying you must have completed our benefits calculator

You must not be in serious breach of your tenancy agreement (only in exceptional cases will we consider requests from customers who are in serious breach of their tenancy agreement)

Applying for someone else +

We only accept applications from others where our customer has given their permission and the application comes from:

  • A recognised social organisation such as a charity registered with the Charity Commission
  • A social services department that is supporting one of our customers

Please include your name, contact information and the organisation you’re from in the application form.

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