Big Door Knock – Visits planned to residents aged between 24-34

We’re looking forward to our upcoming Big Door Knock event, which will take place from Tuesday, 13 February to Thursday, 23 February. During these two weeks, members of our executive team and colleagues from various departments will visit residents’ homes in North Hertfordshire.

The main purpose of this door knock is to meet with residents aged between 24 and 34 and gather their feedback on our services.

We’ve chosen this specific age group because surveys carried out for the Tenant Satisfaction Measures have shown that they are the least satisfied demographic when it comes to some of our services. These include repairs and the timeliness of completing them, cleanliness of communal areas, and our responsiveness to residents’ concerns. We value their feedback and will work closely with partners and other organisations to address these issues and ensure to residents feel safe and comfortable in their homes.

For residents who wish to share their feedback or speak to us about anything else – please get in touch with us or you can share your feedback on our website.

We will keep you updated on the feedback we receive from residents through our website. For more information about the Winter Big Door Knock, please visit our webpage on how we collect your feedback.

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