Repairs service update – March 2024

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Our target this year is to complete 90% of routine repairs within an average of 28 days. At the end of February, we completed 69.5% of repairs in target that month. So far this year, we remain at an average of 71.9% of repairs being completed in target [between April 2023 and the end of March 2024].

We know routine repairs are one of the most important services we provide, and we are continuing to focus on providing them as quickly as possible. One of the ways we are doing this is by improving the ways we work, to reduce the number of open repairs we have in our systems at any one time. The fewer open jobs we have, the quicker we can complete repairs.

During recent months we have experienced higher demand for repairs jobs than usual. For example, in January 2024 we received 49% more jobs than in January 2023, and in February 2024, we received 52% more than February 2023. Demand remains high in March 2024.

Due to the improved resourcing we have put in place, despite receiving 2,012 extra orders in the last two months, our overall number of open jobs only rose by 75 in February as we continue to complete more works than before.

Our original plan was to be completing 90% of new routine repairs in target by June 2024. We noted in our repairs service update in February that we are currently reviewing this as a result of the higher than forecasted demand and would provide an update in March, including details of when we expect to achieve target. As demand remains higher than forecast in March, we are continuing this review and will provide this update now in April.

We continue to complete 100% of emergency repairs within 24 hours and will continue doing all we can to book in routine repairs as quickly as possible.

Please continue to contact us when you need a repair to your home, letting us have as much information as possible about the work needed and your personal circumstances.

You can report your repair through our website – we’ve improved our report a repair feature online and you can now pick your own appointment date and time when reporting a repair. You can also call us on 0330 343 0016.

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