Adding someone as a joint tenant

Adding someone as a joint tenant

Normally you can only become a joint tenant if you’re married to or in a long-term partnership with the current tenant. Children can’t usually become joint tenants.

To add a partner or spouse to your tenancy you’ll need to apply for a joint tenancy.

Before you start

Please note, we can’t progress your application if you’re in arrears or if you’ve had a joint tenancy before.

Important: You can lose some of your legal rights by adding a joint tenant as it involves ending your current tenancy, so we advise you to seek legal advice before applying.

How to apply

Complete our add someone as a joint tenant request form (requires a website account) or contact us. Before you start, make sure you have the following to hand:

  • A copy or photo of 2 letters giving your details and requesting the joint tenancy. One must be signed by the current tenant and the other by the person you wish to add
  • The details of the person you wish to add, including things like national insurance number.
  • A copy of your marriage certificate or if you’re not married, then proof of address for your partner for the past 12 months. These need to be from a variety of different sources on headed paper that show the person’s name, address, and date. For example, a council tax bill, a bank statement, a doctor’s letter, driving license etc.

Process and timescales

Once we’ve received the form with both letters attached we’ll:

  • Carry out a set of checks which are to protect you and settle and to ensure we follow housing law
  • Write to you and let you know if the joint tenancy can proceed