More than a landlord

At settle we believe that as a social housing provider, our role goes beyond simply being a landlord and getting the basics right. Our purpose is to help our customers live comfortably in their homes and sometimes that involves more than just providing a safe and functional property.

Compassionate neighbours

We’re delighted to launch our new compassionate neighbours project in partnership with Garden House Hospice.

Compassionate Neighbours is a social movement of local people enabled and supported to be more compassionate in their local communities. They provide social and emotional support to people who have a life-limiting illness and are experiencing loneliness or social isolation. They visit regularly offering friendship, emotional support, a listening ear, help in doing things they enjoy and help them stay connected with family and in the community.

The scheme will draw on the expertise of the Garden House Hospice who are experienced at providing similar support and aims to support our customers who are experiencing loneliness by improving their wellbeing and building stronger communities.

If you’d like a visit, just fill in our request form.

Could you be a compassionate neighbour?

Residents who want to become a compassionate neighbour will receive free training from Garden House Hospice, with the first courses taking place in January 2020.

If you’d like the apply to become a compassionate neighbour, please get in touch with us.

Every member of settle can take two days a year to support their local community and will also be encouraged to become compassionate neighbours through the project.

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