We’re here to help

As we begin a new national lockdown, our Executive Director of Customer Services, Anita, has recorded this message to reassure residents about the ways we can help and support you during this time.

Our role at settle goes beyond being a landlord. We want to help all residents and make sure you can live safely and comfortably in your homes. As Anita mentions in her message, there are lots of ways we can help.

We’ve added some more details below. If there’s any way we might be able to support you, our teams are still working, so please contact us and we’ll do all we can.

Help with rent

We know many people are dealing with money worries at the moment. If you’re worried about your rent, please get in touch and we’ll help.

Food and other essentials

We can provide food and help you with other essential things like topping up your gas and electricity.

Repairs and safety checks

We will continue to provide the majority of our landlord services during this lockdown. We have additional safety measures in place to protect colleagues and residents, so some things are taking longer than usual.

Domestic abuse

No one should have to live in fear in their home. There are measures in place to help and protect you.

If you aren’t yet in touch with us and there’s anything we can do to help you, please contact us. There’s lots we can do and if we can’t help you directly, we’ll put you in touch with people who can.

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