5 things you can now do on this website

We’ve been working hard to increase the number of things you can do on our website.

1. Make payments

You can now make payments directly on this website. Just go to your account and tap the make a payment button appearing next to your balance. You can also save payment cards to make it even faster next time.

2. Check your rent statement

You can see your online rent statement for all home and garage accounts you have. It shows your up-to-date balance and all payments and charges for the last 90 days.

3. Report a repair and choose your appointment

We’ve built a new report a repair page, which allows you to choose your own appointment date and time, rather than having to wait for a call back from us.

4. Track repairs

Once you’ve reported a repair, you can track progress, reschedule your appointment, cancel it or add an update in the your repairs section. If you live in a block of flats, you’ll also be able to track all the repairs reported for the block.

5. Update your email or phone numbers

In the your personal details page you can update the contact details we hold for you saving you a phone call.

Get started now

If you don’t yet have an account, it’s easy to get started. Just register for an account. If you need any help registering please contact us and we’ll help.


Leaseholders can provide their details here and we’ll help you create your account.


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