Voice of the Resident update

The voice of the resident panel met in September and December to review what we have heard from residents between the months of July to the end of September this year.

The panel is made up of 9 residents who work closely with settle colleagues and Board members, meeting regularly to discuss, shape and improve our services.

The most recent meetings focussed on the Tenant Satisfaction Measures, surveys, learnings from complaints and our repairs improvement plan.

The panel wanted to know more about the ways we are responding to the Tenant Satisfaction Measures where we have received the lowest scores, and we provided an update on this when the panel met in December.

Members also wanted to see how we will measure success on our repairs recovery plan and workforce planning for the inhouse repairs team. They would also like to revisit the progress we’re making since implementing the changes to how we handle reports of damp and mould.

At the December meeting the focus was to walk through the repairs improvement plan and how we’re responding to resident feedback. The panel raised some good questions and we have agreed to provide clearer outcomes of the improvement being made and further updates on the progress made during Q4. We have also agreed to share the final draft of our new plan to 2030 so that the panel can see the progress made and provide final feedback in January.

Are you interested in joining the Voice of the Resident panel?

We’re recruiting new members to join our Voice of the Resident panel. If you would like to hold us to account for the services we provide, fill out the application form and tell us a bit about yourself and why you would like to be a part of the panel. You can also email us if you prefer or call us on 0330 343 0016 to discuss the role.
Applications will close 31 January 2024.

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