Condensation, damp and mould

Condensation, damp and mould

Mould is unpleasant and if it’s not removed it can have an impact on living conditions, so we take reports of mould very seriously and we’re committed to working with you to get rid of it for good.

There are lots of mould cleaners available in supermarkets, but before cleaning the mould away, please take some photos of it for us. It will help us with our investigation.

Here’s some information and things you can try to help manage condensation and mould [PDF]

What to do if you have mould

Step 1. Report it

Step 2. Home visit

When you tell us you are experiencing a problem with condensation, damp and mould in your home, a settle colleague or specialist contractor will visit you to conduct a survey. This will involve inspecting the property internally and externally to gather information and photo evidence.

Step 3. Recommendations

The survey will enable the team to identify the root cause of the problem and raise the relevant repairs required.

Where necessary we will arrange for a mould wash and for the affected area to be treated with specialist paint to prevent the problem re-occurring.

In some cases, there may not be any need for repairs but there could be steps you could take to manage condensation, damp and mould in your home. The surveyor will provide advice on how best to manage condensation, damp and mould within your home.

Step 4. Resolving the problem

We’ll keep your case open and maintain regular contact with you until all repairs are completed and the problem is resolved.

Before we close your case, we’ll contact you to check that you’re happy and satisfied with the standard of all repairs, this might be by phone or by a home visit.

Improving how we handle damp and mould

We’re always looking to improve our services. An important way we do this is by reviewing complaints. So, If you’re not happy with how we handled your report of damp and mould, please complete our make a complaint form. If you’ve got any other feedback or suggestions, please complete our what we can do better form.

Here’s what we’re currently doing to improve how we handle damp and mould [PDF].

Keeping you safe

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