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Get involved

Although we use feedback and data to improve our services, we believe that to provide the very best service to you and create better neighbourhoods, you have to be involved.

By becoming one of our involved customers, you can influence the services that you and other residents receive from us and make things better for everyone.

What’s involved?


As an involved customer you’ll occasionally be sent questionnaires on specific topics, which will help us understand how you’d like to receive and experience services from us.

Focus groups and interviews

Throughout the year you’ll also be invited to attend focus-groups and interviews. These help us make sure we understand what really matters to you, ask you specific questions and test new ideas.

They’re usually video calls about an hour-and-a-half long, with a break mid-way through.

To show our appreciation for the time you spend helping us, we’ll give you shopping vouchers that can be used at common shops like Boots, Amazon and Argos. More importantly you’ll be helping to make things better for everyone.

How to become an involved customer

Are you passionate about social housing? Do you want to help make settle a really great landlord? 

At settle, we believe all residents should be able to contribute ideas and feel comfortable challenging how we deliver services in your homes and neighbourhoods.

You can be part of improving these services by joining the settle voice community. We'll have a range of topics for you to share your views on and different ways for you to do this - from emails to meetings and discussion groups, opportunities that take a few minutes or some that might take a bit more of your time. Whether you have a few minutes or longer your involvement - virtually or in person - will be really valued.

We’d love to hear from you

Please fill in the form below or call us to let us know you’d like to get involved. Please tell us what interests you, and a colleague from our engagement team will be in touch to let you know more.

To show our appreciation for the time you spend with us, we'll offer shopping vouchers that can be spent at retailers such as Iceland and Argos.

Even if this isn't for you, please get in touch at any time and share your suggestions or ideas for how we can improve the services we provide. Our commitment is that we will always listen, learn and act on the feedback we hear.

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