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Keeping you safe

As a responsible landlord we take our duty to keep you safe very seriously and personally.

As a tenant of one of our homes you can help us keep you, your family and those around you in your block, street and neighbourhood safe.

Your yearly heating service and safety check

To keep your heating system working safely and efficiently we’ll visit your home to check it and service it each year. We’ll contact you about 10 months after your last service to arrange this. It is a legal condition to carry out this safety check at least every 12 months.

Your electrical safety check

Again, to make sure all the electrics in your home are functioning safely and properly we’ll carry out a thorough check every 5 years.

Fire safety in your home

We’ll make sure that smoke detectors are fitted in your home. You’ll be responsible for supplying and changing the batteries in them.

We might also install carbon monoxide detectors if you have log burners, open gas cookers and other appliances that can create carbon monoxide.

Fire safety in shared areas

Please see our pages about:


Please see our page about asbestos.

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