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Renting out your property - home owners

As a home owner, you can rent out your home if:

  • Your lease allows you to
  • You gain permission from us (there will be a charge of £25)

Of course, as the leaseholder you’ll still be responsible for:

  • Meeting the terms and conditions of your lease
  • Paying any service and other charges to us
  • Ensuring gas, electrical and other legal checks are carried out and certificated by a qualified person as well as the other legal responsibilities of a landlord

What you need to do

Please email or write to us and:

  • Tell us that you want to rent out your property
  • Include a copy of your proposed tenancy agreement
  • Include your new address and contact details

Make a payment to us of £25

We’ll then write to you and confirm the permission decision.

You should also inform your mortgage lender, as you may also need their permission to rent the property out.

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