Fees and payments

Fees and payments

Pre-sale enquiries pack (leasehold property)£200 plus £25+VAT for each additional question
Pre-sale enquiries pack (freehold property)£100 plus £25+VAT for each additional question
Notice of transfer£50.00
Notice of charge or Notice to lessor£50.00
Certificate of compliance£50.00
Mortgage approval£60.00
Permission to keep a pet£50.00
Permission to rent out your property£25.00 per tenancy

How to make a payment

If you’re paying one of the above fees, please pay by bank transfer using your mobile banking app or website. You can also pay by phone or by cheque.

Include your reference number

When you make a payment please include a reference which starts with LH and then include as much of your address as it will let you add but without any spaces – like this: LH10BroardwaterRoa

Paying your normal service charge

Please follow the instructions on the main make a payment page and include your normal payment reference number as the reference.

Renting out your property

Keeping pets