Moving out

Moving out

If a family member or friend who was a tenant has passed away, please read our when a tenant dies page.

There are generally three steps to moving out of your property.

Give us notice and end your tenancy

Step 1. Contact us

If you want to end your tenancy please contact us and tell us.

Step 2. Tenancy termination form

Complete and sign a termination of tenancy form [PDF].

The form must be signed by the tenant or someone with Power of Attorney. For joint tenants only one needs to sign the form.

Step 3. Your four week notice period

You’ll need to give us four weeks notice to end your tenancy. This will start once we’ve received your form/notice and will normally end on the first Monday four weeks later. We will write to you confirming the exact date that you need to move out by.

Although you can move out earlier, you’ll need to pay rent up until the last day of your notice period.

If we end your tenancy

If we end your tenancy, we’ll give you at least four weeks notice in writing unless we are ending your tenancy because of serious antisocial behaviour.

Before you move out

This section covers the practical steps of emptying your property and returning it to us.

If you need help disposing of any rubbish and unwanted items please contact us as we offer a clearance service.

If you’re clearing the property because the previous tenant has passed away, please first read our when a tenant dies page.

During your four-week notice period

During this time:

  • We might arrange to carry out an inspection of the property
  • We ask that you arrange for repairs that are your responsibility to be fixed before you move out
  • If you have made any changes to the property, we’ll agree with you whether these can stay, or whether you’ll need to remove or restore them before you move out

During the four weeks, you’ll also want to let the council and the water, gas and electric companies know that you’ll be moving out.

On the day you move out

  • Make sure there’s nothing left in the property, gardens or communal areas including rubbish, furniture, belongings etc
  • Make sure all remaining rent has been paid
  • Lock all the doors and windows and return the keys to us by 11:00am on the Monday that was agreed as your moving out date
  • Bring (or send by recorded post) both sets of keys, any garage and additional keys including key fobs to our office in Letchworth

If we must do any of the above, we will charge you and might ask you to continue  paying rent while we carry out the work.