North Hertfordshire Homes has become settle

Today we have become “settle”.


North Hertfordshire Homes was formed 15 years ago and over the last few years we’ve changed significantly. We’ve grown in both the services we offer and the areas we work in.

We felt it was now time to change. To reflect who we are today and what we want to do in the future as a proud provider of social housing.

This change is an important step in delivering our vision and bringing to life our plans for how we want to help our customers, now and in the future.

What you can expect from us

We’re here to help people who are struggling to find a place to live. We help our customers to stay in their homes comfortably, so that they can live the life they choose.

We know that having somewhere to settle, even for a short while, helps transform people’s lives

We have clear plans to build more much-needed affordable homes, improve the services we offer, to provide an easy to access, simple to use service that our customers can put their trust in.

As an important part of this we are also today launching our customer offer.

Gavin Cansfield, Chief Executive of settle, said: “This is an exciting time for our organisation. We already have a clear strategy in place – ‘Building a Better Tomorrow’, which was launched in 2017. This new strategy outlines our bold ambition to build more much-needed homes, and to offer a customer experience which is simple to use and efficient in its delivery. That efficiency for all our customers helps us do more for those who need that little bit of extra help.”

Gavin added: “We know that having somewhere to live and settle, even if only for a short while, helps transform people’s lives. Our focus is set on helping people who are struggling to find a place to live. Through our vision, we will be focused on providing a range of services and support, to help our customers stay in their home securely and comfortably, so that they can enjoy the life that they choose to live.”

Changing our name and logo

We’ll start to use settle and our new logo in our communications from today. You’ll see we’ve updated our website, and we’ll also begin updating other materials to our new name.

Our phone numbers including our main number 0330 343 0016 will stay the same, but our website is now and our email addresses are now

Emails to and links to the old website will automatically be redirected.

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