You said, we did

We really appreciate the feedback our customers give us through surveys and directly through emails, calls, visits and tweets to our customer service team.

We review all feedback and discuss internally how we can make changes so that your dealings with us are as easy as possible. We want to address the things that matter most to you so that you can trust in the service we provide.

You said, we did

Our commitment to listening and acting on your feedback means we’ve published a You said, we did page. We’ll update it every three months with some of the things we’ve changed in response to your feedback.

The more customers who give us feedback, the clearer it is for us to see the things that are not going as planned or spot new things that could be introduced.

Find out what action we’ve taken since….

  • You said you don’t like that we only offer morning or afternoon repair appointments.
  • You said you don’t like that we only carry out essential repairs if you’ve made an application to buy your property from us.
  • You said you don’t like that we charge for boarding up windows and doors or replacing locks because of theft or criminal damage.

Got a suggestion?

Why not fill out our compliments and comments form and give us your suggestion.

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