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It’s our aim that every customer has access to services that are easy to use and they can trust.

If you’re not happy with what we’ve done, how we’ve done it or the behaviour of one of our team members or contractors please tell us. We need this feedback so that we can get it right next time. You can use the complaint form on this website or call, email or come and speak to us.

If the problem is about the behaviour of your neighbours or their pets, or others in your neighbourhood please use the Report problems with neighbours form or contact us.

What you can expect from us

If our team can't resolve the problem right away, they'll pass it to the appropriate manager to look into. We’ll let you know who that’ll be and when you can expect a response or update from them. They will respond to you within four working days and we aim to resolve the matter fully in 10 working days. If that's not possible, they'll explain what will happen next and when.

Where we can, we’ll use what we find out to improve our services and provide a better customer experience.

Our complaints procedure

You can find out how our complaints procedure works in the document How we handle complaints.pdf 

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