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Problems with neighbours and their pets

While we accept that everyone has a right to their chosen lifestyle sometimes the behaviour of others disturbs or distresses us.

If you feel threatened or a crime has taken place always call the police on 999 or 101.

What you need to do

If you are unable to resolve a neighbour dispute or have experienced any kind of anti-social behaviour (see below) whether with a neighbour or in your local neighbourhood then please report the problem to us and the relevant authority (see the 'who to involve' table below). It’s important to involve these authorities because sometimes we need their help to take action. Remember to get a reference number.

You can keep alerted to problems in your local area by signing up to Online Watch Link.

Neighbour disputes

Many disputes about things like noise, parking, access, boundaries, fences, trees and hedges can be dealt with by discussing them with your neighbour in a reasonable way and trying to reach an agreement.

There is excellent advice about how to deal with neighbour disputes on the Citizens Advice website.

Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour involves someone acting in a way that is capable of causing nuisance or annoyance. It can include things like threatening or intimidating behaviour, harassment, bullying, noise, dumping rubbish, vandalism and animal nuisance such as fouling.

There is excellent advice about what to do about anti-social behaviour and who to involve on the Citizens Advice website.

Who to involve


Who to contact

Noise nuisance (see also our noise from neighbours page) The environmental health department at your local council
People using or dealing drugs Police*
Abusive or threatening behaviour Police*
Dumped or abandoned rubbish (fly-tipping) Report the problem to us
Untidy gardens or communal areas Report the problem to us
Criminal damage or vandalism Police*
Drunkenness Police*
Assault Police*
Domestic violence (see also our domestic abuse and violence page) Report the problem to us
Sexual, ethnic, homophobic or other harassment Police*
Prostitution Police*
Youth nuisance Police*
Vehicle crime or nuisance such as revving engines and screeching tyres Police*
Problems caused by animals (see also Noise nuisance) The environmental health department at your local council
Disputes over trees and high hedges Report the problem to us
Graffiti Report the problem to us
Problems caused by garden bonfires The environmental health department at your local council

* If it's an emergency call 999. If not call 101

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