Our responsibilities

As a good landlord, our first priority is to offer straightforward trusted services that allow our customers to live in their homes comfortably.

Our customer promise sets out our commitment to our customers.


To find out more about which parts of your home are our responsibility and yours visit the repair and maintenance responsibilities page.

Your responsibilities

You are expected to:

  • Pay your rent on time
  • Keep your home and any garden areas clean and neat
  • Allow our staff and contractors access to your home when needed to carry out repairs, heating servicing and other works
  • Make sure no one in your household or your visitors acts in an antisocial way or causes a nuisance to your neighbours
  • Not use threatening, violent or abusive behaviour towards our staff or our contractors
  • Not transfer or sub-let your home to someone else without our permission
  • Let us know immediately if you are planning to allow someone to live in your home as a lodger

If you keep to the terms of your tenancy we will not end your tenancy early.

Repairs and maintenance

Report a repair now.

To find out more about which parts of your home are our responsibility and yours visit the Repair and maintenance responsibilities page.

Tenancy types

Usually you will have one of the following types of tenancy with us:

  • Fixed-term tenancy
  • Assured lifetime tenancy
  • Assured short-hold tenancy

Your tenancy agreement will say what type of tenancy you have but if you’d like to know more, please read a summary of your tenancy rights [PDF].

If you need further information about your tenancy agreement please contact us.

Keeping you safe

Report a repair

Repair responsibilities