Clutter and storage

Clutter and storage

Over time we can all end up with a bit of clutter; however some people collect more things than their home is designed for.

If your home becomes too cluttered then it can:

  • Affect you and others living in the home
  • Pose electrical, fire and other risks
  • Become a problem for neighbours and people coming to carry out repairs and checks

We may ask you to reduce the clutter in your home. We will talk with you about it and agree a simple plan and we will support you and help you decide what to do about your possessions.

Need more storage space

We have secure garages that can be rented for as little as £11.37 per week. They can be an excellent way of storing things you don’t need regularly.

There are also a number of local companies that can offer storage.

Storing things in communal areas

Please read the safety and storage section on the communal areas page.

Things you shouldn’t store

We ask that you do not use or store any liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders or appliances, petrol, diesel, fuel, paraffin or any other hazardous substances in or around your home or in shared areas.

There are some items you can (with our permission) and can’t store in gardens. Please see the gardens, fences and trees section on the repair responsibilities page.

Keeping you safe

Mental health

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