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You said, we did

We really appreciate your time and that of others in giving us feedback about the services we provide and how we provide them.

You might wonder what we do with all this feedback. Below, you’ll find a list of changes we’ve made as a result of it.

Condensation inside double glazed windows

12 Jun 2019. You said you didn’t like that we don’t repair double-glazed windows where condensation has collected between the panes.

So, we now repair them. You can now report this using our report a repair form.

Repairs to outbuildings

23 Oct 2018. You said you don’t like that we won’t always maintain brick-built outbuildings.

So, we now provide structural repairs to concrete and brick-built sheds, outbuildings and porches built by us where it is economically viable to do so. In certain situations, it may be necessary to remove a brick-built shed, outbuilding or porch however, we’ll always discuss this with you first.

Repair appointments

13 Aug 2018. You said you don’t like that we only offer morning or afternoon repair appointments.

So, we now also offer school run appointments (9:30am-2:00pm), first appointments (8:00am), 'avoid' times and 'call before visit'. See our repair appointments page for more details.

Repairs while applying to buy your home

13 Aug 2018. You said you don’t like that we only carry out essential repairs if you’ve made an application to buy your property from us.

So, we now provide a full repairs service even if you’ve applied to buy your property.

Theft and criminal damage

13 Aug 2018. You said you don’t like that we charge for boarding up windows and doors or replacing locks because of theft or criminal damage.

So, we no longer charge for securing a property or replacing locks where you provide us with a crime reference number.

Got a suggestion?

Why not fill out our compliments and comments form and give us your comment or suggestion.

Other ways we collect feedback.

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