Newly formed Voice of the Customer Panel hold their first meeting

It was great to see the new Voice of the Customer panel hold their first meeting at our office this week (7 March). 

The panel is made up of ten residents who bring with them a diverse range of experiences and a great deal of enthusiasm for representing all residents’ voices. The group will work closely with settle colleagues and Board members, meeting regularly to discuss, shape and improve our services.

Topics the panel covered

At this week’s meeting, Fiona Coulson, Executive Director of Development and Amber Cooper, Assistant Project Manager, came along to discuss a new report from the Quality of Life Foundation. The report sets out different criteria that contribute to a high quality of life, such as transport links and green spaces. The panel discussed how we can apply these principles to our new development and regeneration sites.

The panel also had important conversations about waiting times for completing repairs and how we handle condensation, damp and mould in homes. Lee Boyle, Assistant Director of Property and Estates and Hannah Sweetman, Business Change Partner, provided an update on the changes we’ve been making to improve our approach to damp and mould, including more consistent inspection forms, better communication with residents and proactive use of data.

The panel asked a number of valuable and challenging questions around:

  • the training settle teams receive
  • how we are using new technologies
  • our approach to damp and mould problems caused by the structure of buildings
  • how we can be sure we know when issues are occurring.

If you are experiencing any issues related to damp and mould in your home, our condensation, damp and mould web page provides details of how to get in touch with us to resolve this.

Gavin Cansfield, chief executive at settle said: “I am really pleased to see that the voice of the customer panel meetings are now underway and to hear such useful feedback from the first meeting. It’s really important that we make sure we are hearing directly from residents, using their feedback to shape how we work at settle and the voice of the customer panel is an important part of that. Thank you to residents for giving their time and commitment to the success of the panel.”

The panel will meet quarterly. We will provide an update after the next meeting which is due to take place in June.

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