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Rent a garage

Whether you want extra storage space or somewhere to park a car we have a limited number of garages available to rent from just £52 per month (£44 for existing residential tenants).

Please see the bottom of the page for available garages.

How to apply*

Just fill in our garage application form selecting which garage(s) you would like to rent.

Take me to the garage application form.

To be eligible, you must not have any debts with us.

If you’ve been successful we’ll be in touch with you in 7 working days.

* Please note we can't take applications over the phone

What happens next?

We'll ask you to come to our office at Blackhorse Road, sign the relevant paperwork and collect the keys.

You’ll need to:

  • Bring 2 pieces of ID (including a photo ID)
  • Pay 1 month’s rent in advance
  • Bring your bank details so we can set up a Direct Debit

You can check out repair responsibilities on our outside buildings including sheds and garages page.

Available garages

Allison Jackmans Place Pelican Way
Avocet Jarden Quills
Beech Hill Kite Way Radburn Way 
Bursland Kyrkeby Rundells
Denby Lannock Swanstand
Dunlin Linnet Close Townley
Ellice Maddles Townsend Place
Fleetwood Midhurst Upper Maylins
Goldon Newells Western Way
Heathermere Oakhill  
Hillbrow Ordelmere  
Ivel Court Parkfield  
Anchor fields Hopewell Road
Elmwood Avenue Walnut Avenue
Hill top Weston Hills
Eliot Road Willowside Way
Newmarket Road, Royston Windmill Close
Periwinkle Close  
Knebworth & Villages
Bentick Way, Codicote Offas Way, Wheathampstead Wren Close, Kimpton
Cherry Close Orchard Way, Breachwood Green  
Dalton Way, Whitwell The Close, Codicote  
Deanscroft The Snipe, Weston  

What if the area I want a garage in is not listed?

Please keep checking this page to see if a garage in your desired area becomes available.

We let garages on a first come first served basis and don’t operate a waiting list.

Unfortunately, we can't say when garages might become available.