Repairs we charge for

Repairs we charge for

We don’t normally charge for repairs but there are times when we might.

Repairs caused by damage

We will charge you for repairing something that has been damaged by someone or something other than us.

To cover any accidental damage to items in your home, we strongly recommend you get contents insurance.

Non-emergency out-of-hours appointments

We’ll charge you if you ask us to attend an out-of-hours appointment for something which isn’t an emergency repair, unless your keys were stolen or if your home was broken into as a result of crime. In these cases please tell us the crime reference number when you report it to us.

Arranging your own repair

You may decide to make your own arrangements for a repair. This is fine, but we do require that any work is carried out by a specialist with the relevant qualifications. We will ask to see valid certificates for any gas, electrical or other work that requires it.

Repair responsibilities

Emergency repairs

Repair appointments