Repair appointments

Repair appointments

When you report a repair, we’ll book a convenient appointment with you for one of our specialists to visit your home and carry out the repair. All our specialists and contractors carry identification. Our contractors will have a letter of authorisation.

Please make sure someone over 18 is at home for the duration of our visit.

Appointment times

When you report your repair, please tell us which appointment type you prefer.

  • Morning appointments: 8:00am-12:00pm
  • Afternoon appointments: 12:00pm-4:30pm (4:00pm on Fridays)
  • School run appointments: between 9:30am-2:00pm
  • First call of the day: 8:00am (subject to availability)

Avoid times

Let us know if there are times you can’t make, and we’ll try to avoid them.

Call before visit

You can ask us to call you when we’re on our way to your appointment to give you time to get back home.

If you can’t make it

If you (or someone else over 18) can’t be at home when we come, please reschedule your appointment online or contact us and we’ll book another convenient time with you. Remember, it can help reduce waiting times for all our customers when you tell us in advance that you can’t make it.

Clear the area

Before we arrive, please clear any personal items away from the area where we’ll be working.

We’ll be as quick and clean as we can.

If someone in your home has COVID

If you or a family member has COVID, to keep our team safe, when we visit your home, we’ll both need to do things slightly differently. These changes are based on our detailed risk assessments.

We might try and rearrange the appointment.

If we can’t, or if it’s an emergency, we’ll still come but we’ll wear extra protective equipment. We’ll also ask that the person who is isolating stays in another room while we work.

During our visit

  • We’ll thoroughly clean anything we touch with disinfectant before and after we’ve finished our work
  • We’ll wear protective equipment such as disposable gloves and safety goggles
  • We’ll open windows and internal doors in the room(s) we’re working in, to allow fresh air to circulate

What you need to do

  • From when we arrive, we ask that you and all members of your household stay at least 2 meters from us at all times
  • If you or members of your household will need anything from the room(s) we’ll be working in such as food, drink or medicine, please remove them before we arrive
  • Please remove any personal items from the area(s) where we’ll be working, such as emptying cupboards and moving furniture out of the way

Depending on the circumstances, there may be other things we do or ask you to do, to keep you and our team safe during our visit.

Appointments at our offices

If we ask you to come to our office at Blackhorse Road, our visitor rooms have protective screens, hand sanitiser.

If you visit an office in one of our retirement or other buildings, we might ask you to return to your flat, so that we can talk with you over the phone.

Repair responsibilities

Emergency repairs

DIY and making improvements to your home